Speedy MineSweeper Updated to v1.2, Easy Level Added

I have released the updated Speedy MineSweeper v1.2. Go to the App Store update page and update today, or download the app if you don’t have it yet (it’s free!).


New features are :

  • Easy Level (9 x 9 with 10 bombs) added
  • Improved User Interface with the introduction of toolbar
In response to requests from some users for quicker “clear”, I have added an Easy Level.

Here are some screenshots.

In order to improve the user interface, I introduced a toolbar and moved some buttons into the toolbar. I understand that some people have mistakenly tapped the RESET button instead of the FLAG button, so that the on-going game was accidentally reset. In the old interface, the RESET button and the FLAG button were located close together, which caused some users to press a wrong button.  In the new interface, however, the RESET button is eliminated and, instead, the NEW GAME button is added into the toolbar. I believe that the new interface will protect you from unintentional reset of the game, which could have been close to completion!

So download Speedy MineSweeper v1.2 at the iTunes App Store, and enjoy the Easy Level with the improved user interface.

Thank you for all your feedbacks/supports :)


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