Speedy MineSweeper for iPad released

  Speedy MineSweeper - Hideyuki Tai

I’m happy to announce the release of Speedy MineSweeper, the smoothest minesweeper game for iPad.

Speedy MineSweeper is available on the App Store for free, and the support page for the application is also available here.

Here are some screenshots.


Let me explain the background story on developing this app.

Three months ago, I bought an iPad2. There are so many cool games for iPad, and I played many games on it. But, I found out that there was no minesweeper game I could play speedily without stress (at least in free games). So, I decided to develop a minesweeper game with smooth interface suitable for iPad.

I thought the point was how to set a flag. In some apps, in order to set a flag you have to press a target square for a few seconds. But I could not stand waiting even for a few seconds to just set a flag. Since Minesweeper is a time trial game, you do not want to be held up even for a few seconds during the play. I think you agree with me.

In order to reduce this stress I leveraged the multi touch interface of iPad. In Speedy MineSweeper, you can speedily set a flag by tapping a target square while pressing the FLAG button at the lower left. With this feature of the FLAG button, you can play Minesweeper speedily without stress.

Feel free to ask me questions or give me your thoughts about the game. The more feedbacks I get, the more improvements I can make in the next release.

In the next release, I will localize this app for Japanese.

Enjoy the Speedy Minesweeper!

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